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3 Reasons to Choose


「High cost performance!!」


This is a word often received from customers delivered by "Hotel"

The following is a reference price of guest room furniture of a single room (about 13 square meters) of a certain business hotel. It has been reborn as a functional and easy-to-use business hotel while maintaining the luxury of hotel furniture.

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※the above prices will change depending on the number of products, number of units, specifications, exchange rates, and delivery area. In addition, dismantling costs and waste material disposal costs will vary depending on the conditions and will be charged separately. The photo shows a single room of 13 square meters, and 100 rooms are assumed to be completely renovated.

1.Thorough cost cut

We thoroughly implement the following in order to provide our customers with good quality products at affordable prices.

  • Direct negotiation / contract with excellent overseas factories = Purchasing good quality products at the lowest price
  • Logistics arrangement and logistics control in-house without going through a trading company = Intermediate margin reduction
  • We do not have any inventory because it is made to order (manufactured after receiving an order) = No need for inventory or warehouse costs
  • Don't have a good showroom or a thick catalog = No sales promotion costs required
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2.Quality control by Japanese expatriates

Most of the custom-made home appliances of "Hotel" are manufactured at overseas cooperating factories.

Therefore, in order to thoroughly control quality and process, we have Japanese people stationed overseas.

For many other companies in the same industry, it is common for local inspection companies and trading companies to inspect and manage products. Therefore, there is an increased risk that "the product / color you expected is different", "broken immediately after delivery", and "delivery date is behind schedule".

We are strongly aware that "the real relationship with our customers after delivery" and devise "improve quality and reduce risk and cost", so we can deliver products with high cost performance on time. I am proud that it is.

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FF&E(Furniture Fixture and Equipment・・・We handle furniture, rugs / curtains, lighting fixtures, fixtures, etc.) in general. We will make custom-made furniture of different sizes for each room. Since we have contracts with many overseas cooperation factories, we can handle all guest room furniture. Delivery is possible all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.


  • Writing desk
  • Desk chair
  • Desk mirror / full-length mirror
  • Baggage rack
  • Hanger board
  • sofa
  • Center table
  • Headboard
  • Mattress bottom
  • Night control
  • Desk stand
  • Reading light
  • Curtains (drape, lace)
  • Leather accessories (ring files, trash cans, etc.)
  • Artwork, etc.
  • We manufacture custom wooden furniture for contracts such as writing desks, headboards and desk mirrors.

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    It is possible to search for what you want on your behalf, such as LED desk mirrors, artwork, artificial flowers, information books, etc. using connections in Japan and overseas.

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    At "Hotel", in order to increase customer satisfaction, the same person in charge will handle meetings, product inspections, deliveries, construction, and after-sales maintenance.

    As a result, we can accurately understand the customer's request and convey it to the factory without fail, so we can manufacture products without mistakes. Although it is a small group, we can deliver it all over Japan from Hokkaido to Okinawa.